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The Corinthian Houston
The Corinthian Houston

This week, I’m attending the NACE Educational Conference in Houston. Monday night, there was an off-premise event at The Corinthian Houston.” On their website, it’s subtitled, ‘A Classic Event Space.’ Trust me, this doesn’t begin to describe it.

Starting¬†with the fact that this is an industry conference, so many of the ancillary products and services are donated outright or heavily discounted. For good reason…. one wants to be associated with this event.

Food and beverage stations were just the beginning. The themed-event, based on the 7 Deadly Sins, including thespian players, representing each sin, green-screen photo-booths (overlaying you with the titles of the sin of your choice), casino games in the mezzanine, tarot card reading, a centrally positioned video DJ flanked by go-go dance booths. Both the DJ and the dance areas were framed be free-stranding truss work that provided the support for spotlighting, dance floor lighting, and the flat screen TV’s.

Specially selected furniture, wall draping, table covers, and uplighting completed the entire scope of the event.

People enjoyed the event, so much, they simply lost track of time. There is no better compliment.

Attendees from the conference will go home, talking specifically about this event. Many will remember it for years to come. It was that good.

Businesses are asked for donations, constantly. The important wisdom is knowing when and why to say ‘Yes,’ and when to say ‘No.’ This was a showcase event for The Corinthian and every support vendor that participated. It ‘associates’ them with The Corinthian and the members of the Houston Chapter of NACE.

When was the last time you felt great when giving away your services? A donation to this event wasn’t just ‘going along with the request of a contact.’ It was a brilliant opportunity to showcase. Can you, and do you, spot the difference when such a situation presents itself to you.

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