LGBTQ Wedding Windfall? Don’t Believe The Hype


LGBTQ Wedding Windfall has been a story looking for a reality in the last couple of years. Print, electronic, and social media have a predisposition to shout about the present and coming infusion of business, resulting from the passage marriage equality legislation, state by state, and now, the SCOTUS decision to unify marriage law, nationwide.

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CSAE

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CSAE

“The only client you can’t satisfy is those who have unrealistic expectations.”Patricia Fripp, CSP, CSAE ~ Public Speaker, Coach, Author

During the sales process, it’s very tempting to say ‘Yes, we can do that.. no problem…’ or almost any overly affirmative response to a prospect’s question. That is the root of unrealistic expectations.

Good advice from Patricia in just a one sentence quote.

Noreen Azuzu
Contributing Writer ~ The Wedding Marketing Blog

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