Classic Party Rentals files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

classic-party-logoClassic Party Rentals in Final Stages of Completing Sale Agreement That Provides Strong Foundation for the Future

To Facilitate Agreement, Classic Voluntarily Files for Relief under Chapter 11. $20 Million in DIP Financing; Company to Operate Business as Usual

“LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — FEB 14, 2014 – Classic Party Rentals, the nation’s leading event rental and services provider, today announced that it has signed an agreement through which substantially all of the business of Event Rentals, Inc. and its subsidiaries, d/b/a Classic Party Rentals, would be acquired by a newly established entity owned by the Company’s current lenders. (Download the entire Press Release)”


In the event industry, reading news such as this, may cause you to utter “Uh oh…”

There is a dedicated website,, to explain the details for both Vendors and Clients. The site even contains a Glossary Section, so those without a law degree can understand the terms.

Here’s one word: DIP

DIP is an acronym for Debtors in Possession.

The press release is an amalgam of facts and spin. Depending on your point of view and/or involvement. If all goes well, the company survives their bankruptcy, with the fewest challenges, and we live happily ever after.

I wouldn’t wish this process on any business, its ownership, employees, clients or vendors. No matter how positive the explanation, there is an underlying uncertainty.

Whether you are involved, directly, or simply a member of the industry, I urge you to visit and follow ongoing industry news. Personally, I’m curious to better understand how/why Classic Party Rentals reached this precarious position.

  • Was it too much optimism, accompanied by badly timed expansion?
  • Was it poor management?
  • If bad decisions have been made, in retrospect, how could the company have made better choices? (I assume they would have made different choices)

Stay tuned!

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon 
The Wedding Marketing Authority
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Studio Blue photography website is gone

studio-blue-logoStudio Blue photography, an affiliate brand of Bella Pictures disappeared, today. On The Wedding Marketing Blog, we use a plugin called, Broken Link Checker.

When a linked website goes out of existence or has a short-term server failure, its indicator notes the number of broken links. There is page summary which shows which sites are having issues:

  • If the site is gone (permanently), you can dismiss the link.
  • If the site is active (perhaps there had been momentary signal interruption), you just click an item called: link not broken
  • Sometimes a page location has changed,within an existing site, causing a broken link notification. In that instance, you can update the URL

In the Studio Blue situation, entering its URL gets you… well… not much.

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Wedding Business Name Fails – Clown Car Photo Booth

wedding business nameThis Phoenix photo booth company popped up on my Twitter page. Out of pure amusement, I looked at their activity, friends, followers, tweets and then clicked through to their website. How could you not be curious about a wedding business name of Clown Car Photo Booth?

Their website was gone. The tweets from this company showed a lack of understanding of Twitter. Such classics as:

“This desert weather in the winter sure beats the cold North :)”

“It’s Friday my Friends!!”

“Beautiful day in the Valley of the Sun. Just call me a #SunDevil #Scottsdale #AZ

“80 degrees tomorrow!”

“Happy Monday ya’ll! Now #sleepwellandprosper #Azlivin

@Clowncarphoto  – Clowncar Photobooth

I did a Google Search for their company and found a sale promo on It referenced a deal on That deal was NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

wedding business name
$250 special, but NOT AVAILABLE

Also, in the search results was one scalding review on Yelp! – The owner did post a response.

wedding business name

There were a few photos in the Twitter profile. None were photos of party-goers, just the rather nondescript booth and a couple of event spaces.

The name, Clown Car Photo Booth seemed to be the ideal predictor of success/failure.

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Griffin Mansions settlement returns meager funds to wedding couples

News, Analysis and Opinion of The Wedding Marketing Blog

Griffin Mansions SettlementGriffin Mansions, an event and wedding venue, near Las Vegas in Southern Highlands, closed abruptly, about a year ago. The sudden closure left many brides and grooms in limbo; some having to move their weddings, on the fly, having already spent their allotted money.

Though having operated for about years, Griffin Mansions had never been properly permitted by the Southern Nevada Health District.

“According to attorney Glenn Truitt, local officials knew of the problems at Griffin Mansion for years.”

News 3 Las Vegas

Citing many health violations, the mansions shut down, while continuing to sell future events, as though nothing was amiss. The mansions never reopened. Griffin filed for bankruptcy in July.

In February, NBC Chief Investigator, Jeff Rossen, followed up on this story, airing it on “The Today Show”.

Local News 3 Las Vegas, Michele Lopez, was responsible for a number of stories on this situation. The most recent, aired Monday, and showed footage of the owner, Anthony Lopez, leaving court. Lopez arranged a civil settlement through bankruptcy court, for about $175,000 over 6 months.

Bottom line: Estimates from sources close to the stories, project that couples will likely receive about $2600 each.

ANALYSIS and OPINION: The Wedding Marketing Blog is not privy to the individual losses of each couple, but it’s safe to say that $2600 likely represents a small part of their outlay to Griffin Mansions.

While the owner of Griffin Mansions has been found at fault, it also disappointed that the Southern Nevada Health District failed to catch these improprieties years earlier. This is NOT simply a business failure… it is a failure of awareness on the part of the Southern Nevada Health District, from a public safety standpoint.

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority
The Wedding Marketing Blog