Wedding Elephants: Have Trunk Will Travel

wedding elephants
Bollywood meets Bellagio

Yesterday was Clown Car Photo Booth. Today, it’s still circus-related… but in a good way.

And this business name works, tongue-in-cheek. Have Trunk Will Travel.

I was prompted to look for an elephant supplier by this item, from today’s Las Vegas Review Journal


A high roller from India raised the bar Saturday when it comes to wedding grand entrances.

He rode an elaborately decorated elephant up the driveway to the front doors of Bellagio before meeting his bride at poolside for a traditional Indian ceremony.

wedding elephant
Photo Credit @WendyWei

A rep for MGM Resorts International said the couple chose Bellagio because they love the romance of the resort.”

In Las Vegas, there aren’t too many events that stop you in your tracks. An elephant and not a limo prompted a couple of thoughts.

  • What it take to get permission from the Bellagio for this grand entrance?
  • Where do you find an elephant for such a purpose?

With one search for Wedding Elephants, I located a Southern California company, Have Trunk Will Travel. (I don’t know if this company provided the elephant for the Bellagio event, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Maybe one just asks the concierge.)

Visiting their site gave me great joy. They had the cool business name, but went for, the easy-to-remember, search-engine-friendly domain name

Want to know what it takes (other than money) to include an elephant for your jumbo event, visit their site. If you’re just curious, visit their details page. It’s unintentionally hilarious.

A footnote: Just imagine how much free publicity The Bellagio is getting, as this story spreads.

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority
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Honorary Tobagonian

Andy EbonIn a spirited and emotional close to his fourth and last presentation, conference attendees rose to their feet and roared with approval as a representative from the Tobago Ministry of Tourism thanked Andy Ebon for his information and inspiration.

The appreciation went one step further, when the conference hosts honored Andy as an Honorary Tobagonian.

“It was an unexpected and emotional moment.” said a tearful Andy Ebon. “You would have to be here to understand the warmth and hospitality of the Tobagonian people. This beautiful island has, at its core, kind and thoughtful people who have a bright future in bringing destination weddings, here.

It is indeed an honor to have had the opportunity to educate, motivate and move-to-action, members of the Tobago wedding community. Most important, it has been a sincere pleasure to come to know the spirit of the people who live here.”

honorary tobagonianJoe Fabitz
Contributing Writer
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Tobago Destination Weddings

Tobago Destination Weddings It’s small world or a large world, depending on how you look at it. My formal education has taught me the 50 states of the United States of America. I admit that I cannot name the 34 countries in the Caribbean. Learning those 34 names is one of my goals for the rest of 2011.

This week, I have been among a dozen speakers as the guests of the Tobago’s Ministry of  Tourism for its Truly Tobago Wedding Symposium. The islands of Trinidad and Tobago are just off the coast of Venezuela.

An English-speaking country, Tobago is a country that prides itself on being Green, Clean, Safe and Serene. It is also touted as ‘The Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret’. That reference and reputation is likely to change, soon, given the hard work of its Ministry of  Tourism and local businesses.

The businesses in attendance have passion for romance, their country, and sharing both with the destination wedding customer. It is clear that the internet has created both inbound and outbound opportunities for Tobago.

INBOUND: If a small business is to be the slightest bit independent, it must have a website presence to reach the destination bride directly. Businesses without websites are 100% dependent on bookings and referrals from venues and wedding planners; however, their bride may choose another vendor if she cannot see information about a company, directly.

OUTBOUND: While it is helpful to travel outside one’s own city or country to attend conferences and gain experience, it’s not necessary. Even the tiny Island of Tobago, population of less than 20,000, has a window to the world through high-speed internet access. Any local business with the interest and initiative has the opportunity to learn about the activities of like-businesses, not just in the Caribbean, but all over the world.

Conference speakers inundated attendees with information, statistics, and desires of the bride, both in the U.S. and U.K. markets.

If you are a wedding planner or just curious, I urge you to find out more about weddings in Tobago.

Green, Clean, Safe and Serene… Yes… 

Also, Simply Wonderful…

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Wedding Expo Scam Update

Wedding Expo ScamIn a never-ending battle to stunt the efforts of wedding marketing scammers, I pass on this message from Alan Dodson, Producer, Tri-Cities Bridal Show (Tennessee). Alan recently sent this email, and I wanted to share the situation for wider awareness.

“Attention Current and Former Exhibitors,

The Email below, sent by Phillip Brunelle is an UNAUTHORIZED use of email addresses harvested from the Tri Cities Bridal Show website.

The website TyingTheKnott is not associated in any manner with the Tri Cities Bridal Show and he is certainly NOT a coordinator or connected with our shows in any way.

I will be taking legal action against him for fraud and misrepresentation.   He is apparently a photographer in the Boston, MA area.
I would not want to be associated with an unscrupulous, bottom feeding, scumbag that resorts to blatant trickery, lying and we would encourage you to report him to who hosts his  website and his email servers.

Send your complaints to  and to the Yahoo Technical contact at
The more people that report him will help show yahoo that this is just wrong and that they should shut down his site.  I am sorry if this has inconvenienced you in any manner.  It would be wise to mark as a JUNK MAIL sender.

All legitimate messages from the Tri Cities Bridal show originate from our domain or our Mail Chimp Server account.

Let me know if I can assist you in any way.


Alan Dodson, Owner/Producer
Tri Cities Bridal Show

Alan’s message was, in response to the email shown below.

“Hello. As a coordinator of the 2011 & 2012 Tri-Cities Bridal Shows, I just wanted to let you know about a brand new website that we launched this week that’s specifically for connecting wedding professionals with brides & grooms… it’s the first ever social networking wedding website, and it’s completely FREE to join.

As a wedding professional this is a good opportunity for you to advertise your business, services and products completely free, and a good way to connect with brides in your area without having to pay a penny… ever!! Check it out online now at

This offer is being extended to all of our Tri-Cities Wedding Vendors & we certainly hope that you will check out this new website and join absolutely free – it’s a great opportunity to network with other wedding professionals, share your knowledge on your expertise, and best of all, to connect with brides and grooms planning their weddings!

Phillip Brunelle
Creator & Owner of

NEWS ANALYSIS AND OPINION: This kind of jive is confusing to wedding businesses and generally unacceptable. It’s important to be on-the-lookout for questionable offers, and share the information with your peers.

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority
The Wedding Marketing Blog