WeddingWire Achieves Facebook Fan Milestone

WeddingWireCHEVY CHASE, MD–January 17, 2017–WeddingWire, Inc., the global leader for online wedding planning, is excited to announce that its Facebook page has surpassed one million likes from fans around the world. The first wedding brand to utilize Facebook Live, WeddingWire has seen a 39 percent increase in its Facebook fans over the past year and engagement on the platform has grown by 87 percent.

WeddingWire is proud to continue leading the wedding industry, while also inspiring, assisting and interacting with couples during their planning process through its social media channels and customizable social tools including wedding hashtags and Snapchat geofilters.

“Couples today rely more and more on online wedding planning tools, spending 80 percent of their planning time online, including on social media platforms and apps,” said Sonny Ganguly, CMO, WeddingWire. “Being the first-to-market wedding brand on Snapchat and Facebook Live, WeddingWire continues to be at the forefront of the industry, and our Facebook presence is an excellent example of how WeddingWire connects with today’s couples to help make wedding planning easier and more enjoyable.”

Just as with all of its social media platforms, WeddingWire’s Facebook page shares engaging content that both inspires and advises. From articles full of expert tips and advice to make planning as fun, seamless and painless as possible, to real wedding galleries and uplifting stories that provide some relief from the sometimes stressful situations planning can bring, WeddingWire’s Facebook page offers something for everyone no matter what stage of the planning process they are in.

Some of the most popular posts on WeddingWire’s Facebook page include: the “20 Best Wedding First Dance Songs That Aren’t on the Most Popular List,” “22 Things NOT to Say at a Bachelorette Party,” “Things Every Couple Should Agree on Before They Start Wedding Planning,” and “8 Things NOT to Do When Planning a Rehearsal Dinner.”

For more information on WeddingWire, visit and follow WeddingWire on Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat (@weddingwire), and of course Facebook for the latest in inspiration and wedding planning tips.

About WeddingWire, Inc.

WeddingWire, Inc. is the leading global online marketplace connecting consumers with event and creative professionals. Operating within a $200 billion industry, it hosts 10 million monthly unique users across its mobile and web platforms. Consumers are able to read over 3 million vendor reviews and search, compare and book from a database of over 400,000 businesses. Globally, it provides these businesses the technology they need to serve their clients through advertising, marketing and business management tools such as websites, payment processing, invoicing and contracts. Founded in 2007, the WeddingWire portfolio of sites serves couples and businesses across 15 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, making it the worldwide leader in weddings with brands including,, and more. The company employs more than 800 and maintains global headquarters in Chevy Chase, MD and international headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

Andy Ebon
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Love Wins – SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Marriage Equality

love winsToday is the tipping point for establishing Marriage Equality across all 50 states. Today, I shall not be writing about the business ramifications of this watershed moment, preferring to share some small personal perspective.

Jubilation and Relief

Those are the emotions I feel. I have been quietly ‘on-edge’ for days awaiting the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality and a number of other key cases.

I was sipping coffee at about 7:00am at my local hangout. The climate was normal… the usual suspects chattering about the price of who-knows-what, and complaining about a laundry list of other alleged important issues.

Me? I was not overly confident about a favorable SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality. It’s not as though I was waiting to disappointed. Rather, the vote would not be a landslide, and I was ready for anything at anytime.

… and then various news feeds on my iPhone blew up with ‘Breaking News’ alerts of the 5-4 SCOTUS ruling. I looked around the room for someone to hug, to share the moment. They all seemed somewhere else; a different planet perhaps.

San Francisco or Supreme Court Steps?

A Star Trek moment would have been nice. ‘Scotty… Beam me back to San Francisco’. I imagined watching the pure joy of so many longtime wedding industry friends.

love wins
WeddingWire Team at SCOTUS, June 26, 2015

And then, ‘Scotty… Beam me to the Supreme Court steps in Washington D.C.’ A representative team from WeddingWire gathered there, to ‘represent’ and soak in the earliest notice of the ruling.

After those fleeting ‘Star Trek moments’, I simply headed for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to see what the various reactions were.

In Retrospect

Despite living and working in the wedding industry in a diverse city, San Francisco, it took me far too long to appreciate the uneven application of equality across-the-board. Over time, I came to strongly empathize with those people who consciously omitted from the equal rights due to all Americans.

What Comes Next?

‘What comes next?’ can wait until Monday. Supreme Court rulings, like parades after sports championship, are fleeting.

Hats off to all the activists and communicators who fueled the recently rapid pace to marriage equality. To some, this ruling may appear to have been ‘an overnight success.’ …Not exactly!!

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority
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BSPI Bridal Show Producers gather in Florida

BSPI (Bridal Show Producers International)BSPI Bridal Show Producers are gathering in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida this week for their annual conference. The 3-day conference has a star-studded group of presenters, including both members and industry leaders.

Wedding Industry Speakers

Some of the industry presenters are: Bevin Stella (The Knot), Sonny Ganguly (Wedding Wire), Andy Ebon (Wedding Marketing Expert – The Knot), Alan Berg (Wedding Marketing Guru – Wedding Wire).

BSPI is an international association with member companies throughout the United States, Western Europe, and New Zealand.

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Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority
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Social Media Bans Threaten Weddings in Turkey

you-tube-bannedSocial Media Bans, and by that I mean, BANS, are creating political turmoil in the wedding capital of the world. Las Vegas is actually the second to Istanbul, Turkey, in annual volume of weddings (more than 160,000 per year).

For weddings, specifically, and tourism/hospitality, generally, events of the past week have become an instant flashpoint for freedom vs. government control, on the eve of national elections.

Turkey bans Twitter, then YouTube. Is Facebook next?

News Analysis and Opinion, The Wedding Marketing Blog

Hospitality and travel commerce, including destination weddings are fuel for commerce in countries around the globe. Wherever you call home, the actions of local, regional or national government often have dramatic impact, positive or negative on all sizes of business.

In a borderless world of social media. nothing inspires an ear-shattering response than extreme limitations on internet communication. Turkey doesn’t cross my mind often… there are bigger issues in the news cycle right now, such as: The Malaysian Airlines mystery and, in the United States, the devastating mudslides in Washington state.

Elections in Turkey are this Sunday. Be sure of this, the outcome of voting will determine what comes next in the strengthening or softening of Social Media restrictions will have a ripple effect on wedding industry business, among other categories, in Turkey.

Many internet platforms that didn’t exist, even ten years ago, are considered an absolute necessity for businesses small and large. The geographically your business, the more important these communication freedoms have become for you and your community.

Communication freedom is critical.

Speak up and speak out!

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon 
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog