Business Card: What’s the value of ONE?

tracey-biz-card-front-2.jpgYou know the feeling. You dash out the door, jump in the car, headed for a networking meeting. You arrive on time, just barely, and then it hits you. You forgot to stock up on business cards.

It’s too late to go back to your office and retrieve them. You are now going to look like a rank amateur. Not having business cards in your pocket will subconsciously  cause you to minimize making new connections. The scary part is that you never know the value of just one business card exchange.

There is a simple bit of preventative wedding marketing maintenance to make certain this never happens. When ordering or reordering business cards, buy an extra 1000 and stash them everywhere. You should never be at any networking event without 25-50 cards.

Stash a reserve 50-60 cards in the following places.

  • In your car glove box or center console
  • In the glove box or center console of your significant other’s car
  • In one pocket of every suit coat or sport coat
  • In every purse your own
  • … fill in your special place, here

We’re talking about a few hundred extra cards, for back up, We’re not talking about your special business card case. This is back up.

You’ll never have that sick feeling, in the pit of your stomach, again.

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority
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3 thoughts on “Business Card: What’s the value of ONE?

  1. LOVE THIS!!
    I’ve been doing this for about a year – although my hubby hates that he finds my business cards EVERYWHERE, it means I always have some handy when I bump into someone at a grocery store, or at a birthday party for one of my kids, or if I run out at a business mixer…definitely stash cards, you never do know when your business can benefit from a new connection!

  2. Andy,

    Thank you for using my business card in your post!

    And yes, I ALWAYS have cards (and now bookmarks) with me. One never knows where the next opportunity will present itself (grocery store, book store, etc.)

    I also bring a banded extra stash in my purse to replenish those in my business card holder.