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Greg Adams

East Bay Soul

The mind of an arranger must be a complex and wonderful place. The ability to hear, conceive, and organize, internally… then script for performance is one of the rarest skills, imagination.

With Greg’s Tower of Power tenure roughly 15 years in the distance, in 2009 he launched his own 10-piece band: East Bay Soul – Its first CD release would be the self-titled East Bay Soul

Now, fully-in-charge, Greg crafted his own assortment and blend of musical styles through East Bay Soul. The first release would be equal parts songs with vocals, and instrumentals. Rhythms would be smooth jazz, hip-hop, soul and R & B. Don’t try to find a particular label, just understand that it’s signature Greg Adams… period.

Andrea Adams (ALM Management), would begin to book appearances for East Bay Soul. Together with his solo concerts, special appearances with high-profile entertainers, and arranging, Greg Adams was in full swing.

East Bay Soul 2.0

East Bay Soul 2.0

For the past year, Greg has been working on the development, recording, and launch of East Bay Soul 2.0. The high-tech reference, 2.0, has meaning in the way the project was funded. Greg utilized an online fundraising tool, Kickstarter, to attract funds from fans.

Mind you, we’re not talking donations here. We’re talking advance offerings of CD’s, arrangements, posters, trumpet lessons, and more. The project had a goal of $25,000, and exceeded it by a few thousand dollars. As important, the timeline for release of the CD, coinciding with this weekend’s CD release performances is right on time.

Details for performances, February 17 & 18 can be found on the Spaghettini website. The venue is in Seal Beach, California.

Last summer I heard the band at Anthology in San Diego. Unfortunately, I’m going to miss this weekend’s performance. That’s too bad, because I’m guessing it’s going to be a killer performance with some magical moments.

There’s a lot of talent in this world of ours. Putting that talent to its best use, despite all obstacles is challenging. Achieving multiple successes and going through the process of reinvention is a great story.

East Bay Soul

East Bay Soul

That’s why I appreciate Greg Adam’s journey. It’s a great story about a great talent, and all that surround him.

Andy Ebon
First-Generation New Yorker