Tony Sacca’s ‘Vegas The Story’

Bally’s Hotel no longer has an active major showroom; however, it has quietly built up an array of smaller shows in its Windows Showroom.

The multi-talented Tony Sacca has assembled a cast of singers, dancers, and comedians for a fast-paced show, titled Vegas The Story.¬†Created, produced, and directed by Sacca, the show chronicles the story of […]

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Dispensary: Anniversary Party for Two

A year or so ago Pauline and David Marshall took a cruise and view a 'Virtual Concert Performance' by Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns. They vowed to travel to Las Vegas to see the band, LIVE.

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Lon Bronson Smokes Cabaret Jazz

The Lon Bronson Allstar Band was the first local band to play the Cabaret Jazz Ro0m at The Smith Center. Last Friday’s show marked the 15th time Bronson has sold out the ro0m.

Perhaps the most exciting element of the show was the crowd reaction to every song. The show was billed as a ‘Classic Horn […]

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