How to annoy a prospect or customer

how to annoyFrom time to time, we do things that annoy other people. If you or I are truly honest with ourselves, we put aside hypocrisy and admit it. For the record, though, it is much easier to spot annoying habits in other people. And, if we’re lucky, sometimes we notice that we do some of those same things… and we take note.

Yesterday, I made an early morning visit to my orthopedist. Early is the best time for a doctor appointment because scheduled visits tend to happen on time. First, get an MRI and then see the doctor for a follow-up to understand what’s causing the pain inside my left shoulder.

Before one leaves the office, you MUST stop by the CHECK OUT station. That’s where staff makes sure you have completed your co-pay, schedule the next appointment, etc.,.

What had been a Swiss-watch-smooth-experience, was marred by the staff member at the CHECK OUT station. She was impatient and didn’t listen. She preferred to finish my sentences with what she thought I was going to say. After the third time she interrupted by finishing my sentence, incorrectly, I said (brusquely) “You really need to let me finish my sentences.”

By her expression, you’d think I had tweaked her nose. No poker face, here.

Here’s the thing. When we know our jobs and the usual questions/answers, it becomes common to believe that we know what the other person is thinking. Often times, that may be true. Even so, it’s rude to finish another person’s sentence.

Whether in a sales or customer service situation, the two most important techniques are:

  • Asking good questions
  • Listening

I admit to making this mistake, periodically. It’s annoying. So, when the shoe was on the other foot, it was annoying to me.

The Moral

  • Observe bad habits in others
  • Learn by them
  • Recognize those tendencies in yourself
  • Limit one’s own annoying behavior
  • Reap the benefits of being a patient listener

One more thing: What’s annoys you? Would love to hear it.

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3 thoughts on “How to annoy a prospect or customer

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  2. Andy, you said the two most important techniques are:

    * Asking good questions
    * Listening

    Many people skip the 2nd step. That’s why when McDonald’s asks for my order, and I tell them “Sweet Tea, no ice” – I almost always get ice. They asked, but didn’t really listen. They too easily fall into doing the things “the way we always do them.”

    It’s a great reminder for me to always LISTEN carefully and think out of the box for my clients.

  3. Sorry about that annoying experience Andy. Happens to me all the time at various doctors’ offices. Why does it happen more often in medical situations than others? Perhaps, they may need some customer service training when they’re learning about medical billing too.

    Oh, insurance companies and their use of industry lingo without explaining terms to me. That’s annoying too.

    I’m easily annoyed by people who don’t listen.